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We have all experienced the euphoric honeymoon feeling. It engulfs us when we find new love or achieve a long sought-after goal. Energized and floating on air, we smile broadly or raise our arms high in the air. The feeling doesn’t last long though. Relationships fall into comfortable patterns, or fall apart. The thrill of victory fades into a cherished memory.

Can the feeling last? Can we re-create it? Is there such a thing as “happily every after”?

Dr. Bruce Lipton thinks so. He lays out a scientific theory of happiness creation, including the chemistry and the quantum mechanics behind it. He examines how our vibrational frequencies affect others and how others affect us. He discusses our brain chemicals, including oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine, and he explores the dance between our conscious and subconscious minds.

Lipton proposes that if we optimize vibrational relationships, investigate our subconscious programming to find out how we sabotage ourselves, and stimulate the creation of helpful chemicals in our brains, we can choose to keep the honeymoon going.

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