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BodyTalk – Energy Medicine in Action

As a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Linda offers client sessions and is available as a speaker at conferences, seminars and in-house education.

Linda provides confidential one on one sessions for people and animals at Lavender House, 27 Lilburn St, Warkworth. She is also able to do Remote or Distance sessions, either by Skype or a phone call afterwards to report on the session. This can be for people or animals.

What to expect when you experience a BodyTalk session:

During a session, you relax on a massage table (fully clothed) while Linda “asks” your BodyMind what it needs to address as a priority or what parts are out of balance.

Tapping over the head alerts and switches on your brain to what needs attention and tapping over the heart stores the changes that have been made. Your BodyMind uses this new information to initiate its own healing processes. Some people experience almost instant shifts while others have more subtle changes, depending on the issues and the person. Since BodyTalk is an energy modality, processing is often at a non-physical level and based on the principles of quantum physics.

Linda often uses Mindscape during the session. She connects to your holographic blueprint to obtain information contained within your energy field. This offers deeper insights and clarity about details revealed in your session.

The first session usually takes up to one and a half hours with follow up sessions around one hour in length.

Remote Distance Sessions:

Linda is available for remote sessions where the client is not present. The client is aware of the timing of the session and a written report is provided afterwards. She also offers Skype sessions where the client can interact while the session takes place.

In emergencies or extreme situations, provision may be made to visit a hospital, hospice or home for a session.


Whole being integration Clinic

Linda Shaw BodyTalk at Warkworth Acupuncture
3/5 Alnwick St, (up the ramp), Warkworth, New Zealand
Phone: 0220 546 320

Linda is also available for BodyTalk sessions in your home. Especially suitable for seriously ill or immobile people or animal sessions.

Fees for a BodyTalk session

First session                    NZD$100.00
Follow up sessions           NZD$75.00

Payment can be made with cash or online banking.   A split payment plan is available.

It is recommended that 3 sessions initially would provide your BodyMind with the opportunities to heal itself.  Each session builds on the previous one If you want to learn more about BodyTalk before committing to a session , please call Linda on 0220 546 320 for a free consultation.

Cancellation Policy:

If you make an appointment and for some reason are unable to attend, please call as soon as possible to change it at no cost. Cancellation within 24 hours of the initial appointment may incur a 70% session fee as it is impossible to replace the appointment with another client at such short notice.
Thank you for your consideration.