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About Linda Shaw – Whole being integration

    • Linda is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and is a member of the International BodyTalk Association and she is also the current President of the New Zealand BodyTalk Association.
    • Her varied work background has included management within the corporate sector and not for profits, self employment as a learning and development specialist and professional speaker, event management, community and international development and human resources.
    • Her skills and knowledge give her a unique opportunity to positive affect the lives of people.
    • She has also completed the BodyTalk Mindscape module, a powerful tool for listening to and interpreting the priority of your BodyMind. She works with animals as well and is trained in the animal communication programme – Linking Awareness – with international BodyTalk instructor Loesje Jacob.
    • If you want something new in your life and are not afraid of change, Linda can support your innate wisdom to make those changes.

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About The BodyTalk System

BodyTalk is a state-of-the-art, whole healthcare approach to integrative body/mind medicine. It incorporates Western medicine’s scientifically supported research in fields such as Quantum Physics, Epigenetics, Neuroscience and Psychoneuroimmunology with highly recognised ancient and modern healing methods and principles of knowledge.

These include the principles of Easter Medicine, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Reiki, Consciousness Studies and Energy Psychology. The BodyTalk System looks at the “whole person”. Your lifestyle, genetics and history are all integrated within the session to bring about positive changes in health and wellbeing. This means you recover from illness and trauma more quickly and easily.

BodyTalk works on the principle that our bodies have an automatic, internal healing process which is part of the body’s inborn intelligence or “innate wisdom”. Current and previous stresses such as toxins, illness, emotional and physical trauma impact on your body’s ability to heal properly. When stressed, your body becomes less efficient, body parts and body systems lose their ability to communicate and synchronize their functions, resulting in pain, disease and loss of quality of life.

BodyTalk works with the miracle of the healing power of your body rather than just covering up symptoms. This means that health changes will be long term and usually your health continues to improve over time. BodyTalk practitioners do not diagnose, treat or “fix” problems, rather we partner with your BodyMind to synchronise your systems and energy. Each session is unique and they build on each other over time.

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Linda with client in BodyTalk session

A BodyTalk Session – tailored to YOU

BodyTalk regularly has amazing results with:


    • Emotional trauma effects, fears, phobias, depression
    • Making changes for a better quality of life
    • Digestive issues and allergies
    • Organ and endocrine disorders
    • Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis
    • Anxiety, stress and shock
    • Physical trauma – car accidents and head injuries
    • Headaches and migraines
    • Neck, back and joint pain
    • Bacterial, viral and parasitic infections
    • Enhanced memory and learning ability
    • And much more.
BodyTalk Healing Funnel

BodyTalk encompasses the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your BodyMind.
Experience whole being integration using BodyTalk techniques and other modalities with Linda Shaw.

Dr. John Veltheim
Founder of BodyTalk


The evolution of BodyTalk began some forty years ago with a dream. The first part of my dream was of a therapy that would transcend the diagnostic model; allowing the body primary directive over its own healing process. In this therapy I envisioned the body having total say in the deciding of its own priorities for treatment.

The practitioner’s role would no longer be to orchestrate the treatment process according to diagnostic opinion. Instead, the practitioner’s role would be to honour and be guided by the body’s own priorities for healing.

The second part of my dream was that of countless human beings before me; a therapy that would offer lasting results that would be exponentially beneficial. In my dream the human system would regain its dynamism in such a way that wellbeing would continue to improve long after the treatment was done. In other words, the body’s own wisdom would take over.

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BodyTalk Founder, Dr. John Veltheim.

What people say about a session with Linda

Linda presents a relaxed comfortable environment, explaining the processes for the first time in easy, understandable language – a grounded practitioner reflecting empathy and reassurance throughout.

I was amazed and empowered with some insights about me that Linda came up with during the sessions.

I found the experience to be relaxing, therapeutic, empowering and would recommend this process to people wanting to improve their wellbeing and heal themselves.



Linda (and BodyTalk) was recommended by another natural health practitioner. I knew nothing about the process going in, but was keen to try it. What originally appealed was that it was physically non-invasive and I just had to lie there, listen and talk! It turned out to be far more rewarding than I expected. I looked forward to every session, wondering what would be bought up or discovered (so too did my friends!). Sometimes connections were obvious, other times I would find myself having ‘ah ha’ moments in the days that followed.

I have found as a result of the sessions that I cope better with life in general. I’m more relaxed, able to keep things in perspective and accept things for what they are.

Linda supports and nurtures you through the entire process, using her knowledge to explain things clearly. Her friendly, caring manner sets you at ease – as does her sense of humour! I would highly recommend Linda, especially to people who have physical ailments that traditional medicine is having no effect on. I’m no expert, but taking time out to self reflect and deal with the emotional side of life has certainly had an impact on both the emotional and physical side of mine.