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I offer BodyTalk in my own unique style because I continuously witness the profound shifts for people on many levels. I know of no other modality that spans the breadth of issues we face every day and has ever evolving techniques to support our consciousness to realise its innate healing power.

~ Linda Shaw

“There have been attempts to establish a Quantum Medicine, but it was not until BodyTalk that the discoveries in Quantum physics became part of the daily reality of many healthcare practitioners and their patients.”

Dr. James L Oschman, PhD
Nature’s Own Research Association

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Linda Shaw

Linda Shaw’s clients inspire, surprise and challenge her in every session they share together.
Working as partners, Linda offers her clients the depth of her experience as a human being, her breadth of knowledge and tools for living life and compassion and non-judgement when facilitating change.

BodyTalk Sessions

BodyTalk Sessions

The BodyTalk System looks at the “whole person”. Your lifestyle, genetics and history are all integrated within the session to bring about positive changes in health and wellbeing. This means you recover from illness and trauma more quickly and easily. Physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues are all dealt with within the BodyTalk System.

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Linda rocks! She provides a safe, trusting environment where her skill in BodyTalk relaxed me and I felt fully connected to the process. I went to Linda to help overcome some relationship and professional challenges I was having. Each time I came away I felt at peace, focused and lighter.

I would recommend anyone who is dealing with body/mind issues and struggling with general wellbeing to experience a session with Linda.  I felt comfortable and safe and now I am feeling very, very good.

Ksenija Napan, Auckland.

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